Born from leading edge French biotechnology. World license!
The man who invented Tecno AO is the French biophysician Dr. Maurice Fillion-Robin (photo).
After having specialized in the research of stress in the professional environment, he studied substitution medicine and started his research at Paris Medicine University on the nature of electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic environments in relation with living organisms. In 1991, after eight years, he invented the first electromagnetic biocompatibility device in the world.
In the same year he opened a research center called Tecnosphere (that has now become "Transphere") and also the Tecnolab International Research Centre (photo 2). Gathering biophysicians, doctors, biologists, and neurologists from Universities and hospitals from many countries, they conducted four years of experiments on the efficiency of Tecno AO. Those experiments, recognized at the international level, provided strong evidence of the efficiency of Tecno AO.

Tecno AO international license has been registered
since 1992
International application number PCT/FR93/00546
International public diffusion number SW093/25270
Japanese license number 8-500984

In 1995, the Tecno AO trademark was registered in Japan, and in 1999, the Tecno AO commercial license was registered in Japan.

In 1996, Tecno AO was introduced and began selling in approximately ten countries, including France, Germany, Britain, and Israel.

cCommercial license registered in Japan.
Trademark Japanese registration number: 973602
Japanese Commercial License registration number: 4269328
In August 2001, import-export Company Tecno AO-Asia was created to introduce and sell Tecno AO products in Japan and Asia.
In February 2002, Tecno AO-Asia introduces Tecno AO devices to Japan.
Tecno AO goes on sale.